CPERL went on a hiring frenzy this past Spring, and we are gearing up to welcome a whopping 4 new members to our team!

Heather, Naba, Briana, and Jessica are at vastly different points in their professional training (from undergraduate to postdoc). Hence, they bring unique but complementary skills to bear on two newly funded research projects that are getting underway. Fortunately, their staggered start dates will allow for peer mentoring and training this Summer and Fall.

Heather got an early start and is manning the fort solo this summer! She is excited to be helping Sarah, our first CPERL Chicago hire, code parent interview data for the pilot phase of work on PEM+ which will undergo initial testing with support from the American Occupational Therapy Foundation this year. She has also been instrumental in getting the lab space (pictured above) set up in time for her team mates to move in. Go CPERL Chicago!

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