As we began to launch one of our projects, Early Intervention Outcomes Research using Innovative Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Measures, we decided to jazz things up and take on another creative angle. By putting ourselves into our participants’ shoes, we searched for the best way to display to them what our project entails. Soon after, we collectively came up with the idea to create a video taking participants through the steps of PEM!


We first had meetings to discuss what our script should encompass; with edits from director Mary, we came up with a script that could be applied to any parent taking PEM. After many drafts and innovative team meetings, team member Marya had the idea to use GoAnimate to create the video. Two team members, Briana and Naba, agreed to be the voice-overs; they recorded the script with team member Christina. Finally, Marya helped put the video together with Christina. The end result was a fun and exciting video from which parents can learn from too!


By working collectively and taking each other’s feedback in a constructive manner, we created an informing and energizing video to entail what PEM is all about. We hope parents can view the video and better understand their vital role as a participant in our research study. Check out our video here!

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