With the summer beginning, we’d like to reflect on an achievement that summarized much of our work for the Spring: our virtual webinar detailing the development of PEM+. Dr. Mary Khetani and CPERL research assistant Heather Lim were graciously invited by Boston University’s Pi Theta Epsilon (PTE) Occupational Therapy Honor Society to present to occupational therapy graduate students who expressed interest in learning more about research supported by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF) Intervention Research Grant. Heather and Mary co-presented for the first time, laying out the purpose of PEM+, its individual steps, and how input from caregivers informed the design of these steps. The webinar was a success, with a number of questions about its anticipated use in OT practice, its generalizability to diverse OT clients, and what we look forward to as we launch usability testing of an initial PEM+ prototype!

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