After years of hard work and months spent revising and reviewing our final manuscript, we are proud to announce that our submitted paper has just been accepted for publication in the Journal of Medical Internet Research – Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies. This paper reports on findings from a formative study aimed to guide the design of an e-health care planning guide for families of young children with developmental delays and disabilities.

This paper serves as a prime example of the tenacity held by all members of our research team; it took 3 years of hard work by 14 students to make this possible. They worked ceaselessly at data collection, data analysis, manuscript composition, and much more, and their efforts were not in vain. This achievement served as a key learning experience for everyone on our team, introducing many of us to a different way of improving the daily lives of families. Our hope is that, with the help of the e-health solution detailed in this newly published paper, we will be able to build an accessible and meaningful tool for caregivers to use for increasing their child’s participation.

We are already working on the next paper to report on results of our first round of usability testing of an initial prototype of the e-health solution. This current phase of work involves multi-site and transnational OT research collaboration and is funded by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF). Stay tuned!

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