The NIH funded Center for Large Data Research & Data Sharing in Rehabilitation (CLDR) recently funded a project for archiving one of two datasets from our NIH R03 funded project titled “Early Intervention (EI) Outcomes Research using Innovative Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Measures”. This first dataset includes program data from the largest EI program in Denver Metro. We hope that these accessible data will be of use to EI stakeholders to inform quality improvement efforts within this system of care. These data could also be used to guide further research in the field of EI, whether it be through using the existing data to answer questions our team hasn’t investigated yet or guide the design of future studies.

Beth McManus at the Colorado School of Public Health is leading the academic-community research partnership that will make it possible to make these data publicly accessible. CPERL will consult on project deliverables, including the design of accessible products that can support provider use of this dataset when archived.

We were advised to submit a second application to CLDR to archive our second dataset when ready. This second dataset has involved more than a year of technology-based data collection to date and will include electronic parent-reported functional outcomes data that are not included in the Aim 1 data set. Stay tuned!

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