The CPERL team is excited to welcome Dianna Bosak as an undergraduate research assistant. Dianna is completing her junior year at UIC. She is majoring in psychology and political science and is enrolled in the honors program. Mary serves as her honors program advisor. As a pre-occupational therapy student, Dianna has acquired an early interest in client-centered care. Through discussions with Mary during her observation in acute care, Dianna grew interested in focusing her honors capstone on this topic. She will therefore be co-mentored by CPERL team members Jessica and Mary on her honors capstone project. Dianna will be trained to analyze newly collected data from a grant-funded project that tested PEM+, an online client-centered care planning support for parents of young children. She will develop a capstone project that extends the use of this rich data source. She has on-boarded quickly and demonstrates a good understanding of research integrity and the ongoing projects at CPERL. A quick learner, she is already providing valuable feedback and comments on project reports. We are excited to see her future contributions to our lab’s work and her resulting capstone project.
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