One of our ongoing NIH-funded projects involves the timely process of getting families to complete assessments of their child online as part of their child’s annual evaluation of progress. We are thrilled to announce that our 100th participant enrolled in this project just last week! These parents who have completed e-PRO assessments prior to their annual meeting got a chance to think about their child’s participation in advance and have a report to take to the meeting so that they can actively contribute to evaluating progress and defining next steps.

Achieving our 100th participant is a testimony to the hard work of our lab members and collaborators at Rocky Mountain Human Services in implementing a revised recruitment approach to increase the number of participants in this study over the last 8 months. I (Weronika) joined this project right before we turned a corner in our recruitment efforts, so it has been meaningful for me to help innovate a more effective process for enrollment. Briana, Sara, and I have closely monitored our enrollment progress, and at weekly lab meetings we have brainstormed a host of challenges along the way. Our team has gotten quick to notice when things are not working as well as expected, and to hear each others’ ideas to find a working solution.

We plan to finish enrollment this summer – stay tuned for more!

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