It’s poster season!

Just like the weather, research has its seasons.  We proceed through cycles of submitting grants, recruiting study participants, and gathering and analyzing data.  After all of that, it’s time to share what we’ve learned! Presenting research posters at conferences is just one of the many ways our lab communicates our findings with the research and clinical rehabilitation communities.  It also provides us with invaluable opportunities to connect with other researchers and clinicians.

Recently, Briana co-presented a poster at the annual ZERO TO THREE conference in Denver to share lessons learned through conducting a pilot study with community engagement. Soon afterward, Jessica presented two posters at the annual American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine conference in Dallas. These posters explored how participation-focused strategies and receiving rehabilitation services during critical illness impact caregiver stress and identified the most common types and themes of participation-focused strategies. The poster sessions were well attended and resulted in meaningful conversations that sparked innovative ideas to inform next steps in our work.

This month, Dianna will share her capstone project relating to caregivers’ care plan creation using PEM+ at UIC’s annual Applied Health Sciences Research Day. Andrea will also present the qualitative findings relating to participation-focused strategies identified by caregivers of children experiencing critical illness. In April 2019, Andrea will then travel to New Orleans to present at the upcoming national OT conference! As they say in Louisiana, “Laissez les bon temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!)”


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