The first international primer on children’s participation, titled Enabling Participation in Childhood Onset Neuro-Disability (editors: Christine Imms and Dido Green) is about to be published at the start of our new decade, and just in time as the recent International Day of Persons with Disabilities is focused on participation. The publisher has released a short video that provides a sneak peak into how the book is organized and what it hopes to accomplish. Mary and Jessica, were invited to write two chapters for this book; one focusing on contexts for participation in activities that comprise family life and one on measuring participation and participation related constructs. The first chapter addresses the importance of family life as part of the context for children’s participation and for partnering with children and families and includes a figure that Dianna created for the chapter topic. In the second chapter, challenges to measure participation are summarized as well as the importance of positively framed assessments to provide opportunities for parents to inform their child’s therapy. We can hardly wait to get our copy. Go out and get yours too!

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