We send a CPERL farewell to Varun Maheshwari as he approaches graduation with his master’s degree in Management Information Systems and secures work in his field.

Mary shares: Varun onboarded to our lab during a pandemic year with interest in using data analytics to improve healthcare outcomes. We were thrilled to invite him into multiple projects within our lab’s scope. He completed a mentored self-study to learn about the PEM tools, resulting in co-creation of a CPERL 101 training to support the onboarding of new lab members. He then applied his learning and expertise to help prepare an intervention for testing and secured co-authorship on a manuscript outlining the protocol for this trial. Finally, Varun got to take a risk and co-create a screen recording that we can use to initiate stakeholder discussion about how to best expand PEM data displays for shared decision-making, as part of examining strategies for longer-term implementation. Throughout, Varun took part in courageous conversations to advance our strategic plan for building an anti-racist lab. It has been truly rewarding for me to work with Varun this year, to engage his interests, perspective, and skills, as well as better define and refine how we can foster flexibility for lab member success. We wish Varun all the best as he nears graduation and takes his next professional step!

Varun shares: It was wonderful working with you and the team… peer review was very insightful for me and helped me introspect myself. I have learnt a lot in my tenure and I am extremely grateful for you being my mentor. 

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