Dianna Bosak


What drew you to CPERL? How Does CPERL align with your professional vision?

Client-centered care is a topic that I got curious about since I began volunteering in a hospital more than a year ago. I joined the CPERL team this past Spring to get involved in research towards advancing client-centered care in pediatric rehabilitation contexts. CPERL’s work on PEM+ to advance client-centered care was what drew me in and aligned most with this interest.

What do you work on in CPERL?

I am primarily designing and conducting a study for my honors capstone project that uses existing data to examine the capability of caregivers to create a participation-focused care plan using PEM+.

What has been your most memorable moment in CPERL to date?

My most memorable moment in CPERL to date was spending time with all of our lab members at the Khetani celebration event this past June. It was very enjoyable to see everyone “out of the office” and be a part of such a special moment. It helped me get to know my fellow members a lot better and feel part of the team.

What are your favorite ways to occupy yourself, and what does it mean for you to participate in these activities?

In my free time, I’m either spending time with my big family, event-planning, or completing renovations. I have been a bridesmaid 17 times, which has provided me with the knowledge of how to plan a good party. Planning weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries brings me a great deal of happiness when I am able to see everyone having a good time and socializing with one another. Interior designing also has a huge place in my heart. I have renovated bathrooms, kitchens, and designed houses over the years. I enjoy making things more functional and aesthetically pleasing so that a majority of people can get more out of a space.