Yuki Mashizume

What drew you to CPERL? How does CPERL align with your professional vision?

I am an occupational therapist and PhD student in Rehabilitation Sciences at Kitasato University in Japan, mentored by Dr. Kayoko Takahashi, who is a colleague of Dr. Mary Khetani. I obtained a TOBITATE grant to fund my time in Chicago and CPERL, starting Fall 2020, to obtain mentored research training. This training will enhance my skills with international collaboration to benefit my career development.

What do you work on in CPERL?

I am beginning to define specific projects I will be involved in. I have two goals. My first goal is to make use of my experiences being involved in a randomized control trial on occupational therapists using robotics for chronic stroke patients in Japan, to support the trials that are going to be taking place in CPERL. The second goal is to benefit from CPERL’s longstanding expertise in the outcome of participation in children in various settings, to understand similarities and differences in how it is conceptualized across the life course.

What are your favorite ways to occupy yourself, and what does it mean for you to participate in these activities?

I love to play baseball and boxing, to eat delicious food and travel. During these meaningful activities, I am always eager to interact with my family, friends, and even with strangers. This mindset led me to pursue a career in occupational therapy.