Zurisadai Salgado


What drew you to CPERL? How does CPERL align with your professional vision?

While completing a statistics course at the University of Illinois Chicago, I was introduced to Vera, CPERL’s PhD student and my TA for the course, and became fascinated hearing about the research in the CPERL lab. Joining the CPERL team will expose me to research on technology that facilitates family engagement in pediatric rehabilitation, a topic that is relevant to occupational therapy. As a pre-occupational therapy student, my involvement in this lab will help to advance my professional vision of contributing to this profession. CPERL’s work on the Participation and Environment Measure-Plus (PEM+) to advance pediatric care planning using technology aligns most with my interests.

What do you work on in CPERL?

I am currently in the third year of my undergraduate education, and planning to complete my UIC Honors College capstone project with CPERL. I will be using existing data on caregiver strategy use to help the team to optimize PEM+.

What are your favorite ways to occupy yourself, and what does it mean for you to participate in these activities?

I love to exercise, draw, and spend time with family and friends. Exercising helps me focus on becoming mentally/physically stronger and teaches me to live healthier. Drawing allows me to express my creativity and helps relax my mind. Spending time with family and friends allows me to maintain a strong, motivational bond with the people I love.